Welcome. For years I maintained a diverse blog and for a while even tried splitting it up. As time has worn on I've decided to simply make this a landing site and focus my efforts in the more social areas of the web and using platforms better suited to distribution of content than a personal blog, freeing me up to focus on content rather than publishing, so to speak.

My Vita in plain text.


Making Stuff

Here you can find anything from my work on open source projects to random ponderings...

Rotary Phone

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My social media links are below. Be warned my socialness is tempered by being an introvert and my inclination to engage in public forums waxes and wanes. I have disclaimed.

ReReading Comics Main Graphic

ReReading Comics

ReReading Comics is one of my pet projects, a podcast and series of social media that promotes enjoyment of graphic literature for entertaiment and art among all ages.