ReReading Comics

Welcome to ReReading Comics, a podcast that looks back at comics we've already read and looks at them again both to cast a critical eyes and enjoy them one more time. I'd love to here from folks about the podcast, ideas for things to read and so on. The podcast is broken into series where we look at runs of a title or topically linked runs. Below you can find links to my email, Twitter and a Facebook group dedicatd to Reading Comics in general that is also the Facebook home to the podcast.

You can listen to the Salutations episode here.

ReReading Comics
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A few folks have kindly asked how they could support the podcast. I don't like the idea of making any content exclusive since it about embracing the love of reading and I don't want the administrative overhead of a Patreon or create obligations for people so I have setup a Ko-Fi account and those who want to can feel free to drop me a couple of bucks now and then. If I get enough funds I'll invest in more equipment and would love to bring on co-hosts for episodes. Donate here or at the big logo on the left (if it appears on your device).

Morpheus and Death

Series One The Sandman

Series One of ReReading Comics we will tackle Neil Gaiman's The Sandman, the comic series that inspired this podcast. Art is from The Sandman #8 art by Dringenberg & Jones copyright DC Comics.

Black Panther

Series Two Black Panther

Series Two of ReReading Comics we will embrace the Marvel character Black Panther - note that the below series is still in flux but will solidify soon and finish in ten episode by June 11th.